Friday, January 21, 2011

Take 40- storewide stocktake sale

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fill up those stockings...


35% off all big brands including Lila and May, Tuttifruiti, Ella and Kate, Yali Paz Gilboa and Kup Kup Land.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

We've been missing in action..

But we have been keeping very busy creating...

Our perfect little fellow, Xavier Francis. Born September 23rd, he brings so much joy to our lives. At 8 weeks old, he is developing a real little personality and seems to have taken a liking for play dates at 2am. Cheeky little guy.

Our other little guy (otherwise known as Little Choopie) turned 3 this week. The whole week has been one big celebration with yesterday's party being the perfect end to 3 year old birthday parties. For now I will leave you with a picture of our grown up baby boy, Lucca, but stayed tuned for a whole post dedicated to his Rainbow Party.

Sorry nothing new of the Little Choopie accessory variety, but I have a huge amount of supplies just sitting there for me to get my crafty hands on to.. so stay tuned for some gorgeous new pretties coming very soon xx

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's time for some fun!! Little Choopie soon turns ONE!

I am so thrilled to be announcing our FIRST BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION promotion. I have learnt so much in the first year running Little Choopie and sincerely thank the people that have supported our growth and travelled this journey along side me. You know who you are.

And with any first birthday its time for some big celebrations and prizes. I suspect our first Birthday promotion will be the cream on the cake for any princess (young or young at heart) who wins this amazing prize pack. But be sure to follow us on facebook for some smaller and fun birthday surprises.

For an extensive list of our retailers please visit our website. Purchases from any of our stockists will go into the draw to win this fabulous prize. Just ensure you send a copy of your receipt to

The winner will be drawn on the 12th September 2010 when all receipts are collated and entered into a random number generator.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh No!! We've lost our Pairs

During our recent stocktake we found a few of these babies who had lost there pairs. Needless to say we are passing on the fun to you and offering these gorgeous single snap clips on accessory cards for only $3.00 each!! Massive savings and a whole bundle of cute!

Make sure you fill up your cart today as numbers are very limited. Available here.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

"Look what I got mummy!"

For a long time now I have been inspired by my gorgeous friend Hayley over at Little Pinwheel. You see every Monday she does a new brilliant craft activity with her children. You probably have seen all about her and agree that you can never get tired of reading her craft Monday posts. I just adore them and how wonderful and inspiring she is as a parent to her two beautiful children.

Well my little guy normally heads of to my in-laws on Monday for a bit of grandparent time whilst Mummy gets a bit of house work and Little Choopie work done. But today he is at home with mummy and whilst making a mess, whilst Mummy was cleaning the mess, I heard a little voice say "Look what I got Mummy!" Out came a huge case full to the brim with crayons, markers, textas, stamps, stickers, paper, glue, paint and paint brushes. A crafty child's delight.

Excited by his HUGE find we set about making some space on the kitchen table ready for a lovely morning of crafting. First I gave Lucca (That's my Little Choopie) some paper and we did some painting and drawing with markers. These were his pictures for Papa, that we will send off to Papa's work.

I thought Lucca may have got a bit distracted after awhile but he simply just loves to paint and draw and craft anything (a bit like his mumma) so we were able to keep at it for a good while. A nice way to spend the morning with my little guy.

Next we moved on to a card for Lucca's Nanny. Out of my craft box came a bright red card and a few other bits and bobs including foam shapes and some cupcake liners from the pantry. Lucca continued to do some drawing on this card with textas and then we had a go with the stamps. This was really quite messy but a lot of fun watching him do it. Lucca then settled on a few pieces of foam shapes to glue down and then some cupcake liners to finish off his card.

I am looking forward to many more craft mornings with my Little Choopie. And I am sure I will continued to be inspired by my gorgeous friend Hayley at the Little Pinwheel Blog. Make sure you jump over and see what she has crafted with her little ones this morning, a fantastic crafting experience on talking hands!