Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Looks like we really did break the rules...

Sorry guys, I know the awesome $85.00 red and pink prize pack was meant to be drawn yesterday but I have been suffering terribly with a cold and very sore back and so just didn't have the strength to write a whole blog post yesterday. Unfortunately I can't say I am feeling much better this morning but hoping the hot lemon juices with honey will bring me some comfort very soon.

Anyways, enough about sooky old me and on to the exciting stuff. Thank you again to everyone for replying on the blog post, and sending me lovely emails. I really appreciate the time it does take to do each little thing, so thank you. And without further ado, and with a little help from our random number generator.... I would love to announce that the winner of this amazing prize pack is...

Jaime Fing!!!

Jaime if you would like to email me your address to I can send you on this gorgeous red and pink prize pack. I'm sure you and your little princess will love it.

To everyone else thanks so much for playing along, stay tuned for another great giveaway to be announced very soon! And as always thank you for your support towards Little Choopie, it really does warm my heart to have so many wonderful people supporting me.

Always Amanda and Little Choopie xx

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

100 + Blog Followers Giveaway

Well the time has come and thanks for a little help from our facebook friends, we have moved of that 99 mark and onto a century of blog followers. Ooh sounds a bit exciting (well certainly for Little Choopie it is). So we were thinking it's been sometime since we had a giveaway.

And with that said, I want to introduce you to our ..

With a retail value of $85.00 Australian Dollars this is a pink and red giveaway not to be missed.

So what are the rules and conditions you ask? well quite simply there aren't any, but if you do plan on winning this red and pink giveaway you must be a follower of the Little Choopie Blog to leave a comment. Otherwise how will I know to contact you :) well unless you send me an email that is to

So what will you leave a comment about? Anything you like (but remember this is a moderated blog so only super sweet comments will get through ;)

And when will this breaking all the rules giveaway be drawn? Hmm lets say next Wednesday the 21st of April.

Any more questions? shoot me an email at

oh and good luck!

Little Choopie xx

Thursday, April 8, 2010

$5.00 SALE

Who could resist, a clearance sale where nothing is over $5.00!!

Little Choopie is making a slight change in direction, and for the moment, this means putting away the needle and thread and clearing out our pre-loved and handmade clothing sections. This means sale time is now on at Little Choopie.

Each piece in our sale section has been handcrafted with much love and attention by us. And you can pick each piece up for $5.00 Australian dollars only!! Too good to miss really.

And if its boys preloved your after, we can help you out too. Our Little guy has a bundle of clothes he no longer fits in to and we would love to give them a new home. With prices as low as $3.50 for boys shorts and nothing over $5.00 Australian dollars you would be making some huge savings on your little guys wardrobe.

Many more pre-loved and handcrafted products in store and all for $5.00 or under!! You can't go wrong really. Sale on only whilst stock lasts now at Little Choopie.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Are you signed up?

The April Little Choopie Newsletter is due out this week... Are you on our mailing list to find out about the latest Little Choopie News and specials?

Make sure you head on over to and find our newsletter sign up box and enter in your email details. You could find your self winning one of our monthly give away Little Choopie vouchers and all newsletter subscribers will score themselves a VIP discount code.

So if any of that sounds like something you might be interested in head over and sign up. Its too easy!

PS. We are getting super close to 100 blog followers!!! I am thinking a 100 follower giveaway is in order!! Will be back when we hit the magic 100 with a special somthing to giveaway xx