Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fill up those stockings...


35% off all big brands including Lila and May, Tuttifruiti, Ella and Kate, Yali Paz Gilboa and Kup Kup Land.

JUST USE lcxmas at checkout to redeem this offer and get those stockings filled.

PLUS until stock runs dry a FREE set of ruby sparkle hair ties in a small love heart tin with every order

Its never too late to start your Chrissy shopping here

Saturday, November 20, 2010

We've been missing in action..

But we have been keeping very busy creating...

Our perfect little fellow, Xavier Francis. Born September 23rd, he brings so much joy to our lives. At 8 weeks old, he is developing a real little personality and seems to have taken a liking for play dates at 2am. Cheeky little guy.

Our other little guy (otherwise known as Little Choopie) turned 3 this week. The whole week has been one big celebration with yesterday's party being the perfect end to 3 year old birthday parties. For now I will leave you with a picture of our grown up baby boy, Lucca, but stayed tuned for a whole post dedicated to his Rainbow Party.

Sorry nothing new of the Little Choopie accessory variety, but I have a huge amount of supplies just sitting there for me to get my crafty hands on to.. so stay tuned for some gorgeous new pretties coming very soon xx

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's time for some fun!! Little Choopie soon turns ONE!

I am so thrilled to be announcing our FIRST BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION promotion. I have learnt so much in the first year running Little Choopie and sincerely thank the people that have supported our growth and travelled this journey along side me. You know who you are.

And with any first birthday its time for some big celebrations and prizes. I suspect our first Birthday promotion will be the cream on the cake for any princess (young or young at heart) who wins this amazing prize pack. But be sure to follow us on facebook for some smaller and fun birthday surprises.

For an extensive list of our retailers please visit our website. Purchases from any of our stockists will go into the draw to win this fabulous prize. Just ensure you send a copy of your receipt to info@littlechoopie.com.au

The winner will be drawn on the 12th September 2010 when all receipts are collated and entered into a random number generator.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh No!! We've lost our Pairs

During our recent stocktake we found a few of these babies who had lost there pairs. Needless to say we are passing on the fun to you and offering these gorgeous single snap clips on accessory cards for only $3.00 each!! Massive savings and a whole bundle of cute!

Make sure you fill up your cart today as numbers are very limited. Available here.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

"Look what I got mummy!"

For a long time now I have been inspired by my gorgeous friend Hayley over at Little Pinwheel. You see every Monday she does a new brilliant craft activity with her children. You probably have seen all about her and agree that you can never get tired of reading her craft Monday posts. I just adore them and how wonderful and inspiring she is as a parent to her two beautiful children.

Well my little guy normally heads of to my in-laws on Monday for a bit of grandparent time whilst Mummy gets a bit of house work and Little Choopie work done. But today he is at home with mummy and whilst making a mess, whilst Mummy was cleaning the mess, I heard a little voice say "Look what I got Mummy!" Out came a huge case full to the brim with crayons, markers, textas, stamps, stickers, paper, glue, paint and paint brushes. A crafty child's delight.

Excited by his HUGE find we set about making some space on the kitchen table ready for a lovely morning of crafting. First I gave Lucca (That's my Little Choopie) some paper and we did some painting and drawing with markers. These were his pictures for Papa, that we will send off to Papa's work.

I thought Lucca may have got a bit distracted after awhile but he simply just loves to paint and draw and craft anything (a bit like his mumma) so we were able to keep at it for a good while. A nice way to spend the morning with my little guy.

Next we moved on to a card for Lucca's Nanny. Out of my craft box came a bright red card and a few other bits and bobs including foam shapes and some cupcake liners from the pantry. Lucca continued to do some drawing on this card with textas and then we had a go with the stamps. This was really quite messy but a lot of fun watching him do it. Lucca then settled on a few pieces of foam shapes to glue down and then some cupcake liners to finish off his card.

I am looking forward to many more craft mornings with my Little Choopie. And I am sure I will continued to be inspired by my gorgeous friend Hayley at the Little Pinwheel Blog. Make sure you jump over and see what she has crafted with her little ones this morning, a fantastic crafting experience on talking hands!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Woo its July 1.

We hope the tax man brings you a little slice of joy but if he doesn't we have a ONE DAY only - bring in the new financial year - SALE!!

FABRIC BUTTON SNAP CLIPS from a ridiculous low $3.15 AUD available here

FABRIC BUTTON PONYTAIL HOLDERS from a crazy $2.40 available here
SALE is for today only - 40% of fabric button snap clips and ponytail holders. Just use the discount code - july1 at checkout to redeem this offer. And make sure you grab you little slice of joy from Little Choopie.

PS. with Christmas just around the corner something tells me this might be the perfect time to stock up on those little stocking fillers ;)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In a girl's world

Just recently Little Choopie had a photo shoot with my very talented and gorgeous friend, Michelle of Mishkyah Photography.

With a lack of girls in this household (besides - Mumma Choopie, that's me!) its often hard to capture the beauty of our accessories as they are made. As much as my Little Choopie loves to pick up a new creation and say "Lucca wear pretty" it doesn't really cut it when trying to photograph the sweetness of our new clips. So when my lovely friend Michelle started posting some amazing photos of her little girl, I knew I had to ask if she would like to do a mini Little Choopie photo shoot. In the process of starting up her own photography business she more than came to the party. And brought two stunning Little Choopie models along with her.

Michelle has effortlessly captured the detail of each new product on these delightful little girls, and as each new photo lands in my email, I fall more in love with it than the one previous. And whilst I wont bombard you with a gazillion new Little Choopie photos, I will leave you with this beautiful photo of two little girls (wearing Little Choopie of course) and swallowing up all life has to offer.

If you would like to see more of the Little Choopie photo shoot or become a 'liker' of Michelle's new business, Mishkyah Photography you can visit her over here on facebook.

And you can always stayed tuned to the Little Choopie website where many of and new and old accessories have been photographed with these princesses wearing them ;)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The whimsy and wonder of KUP KUP

I can not begin to tell you how excited we are to have KUP KUP Land, the amazing works of Joaquima Casas Bo arrive at Little Choopie. From the moment I first laid eyes on Joaquima's work I knew it was the "something" I needed at Little Choopie.

The details and fun of Joaquima's "art" takes you on a journey to another place. Each piece has been meticulously crafted by hand and the love taken in the packaging.. well that's just another story altogether. Truly if packaging were an Olympic sport the gorgeous accessories packed at KUP KUP would win hands down.

In a world where everyone is searching for the wow factor, I think I found it. Delightful hand crafted felt and beautiful delicate paper brooches won't rain on your parade but really take any outfit or bag to that next level with a true uniqueness.

The attention to detail of Joaquima's pin-back buttons really has me smiling every time I pick one up. They really do transport you to a place that's quirky and fun and whimsical. Each one a one of a kind and as special as the first. Created from felt and beads these are a grown up princess's must.

I have purposefully saved my favourite piece to last (do you do that or is it just crazy old me wanting to savour the good things at the end?). Kup Kup's owl pendants have my heart jumping for joy. Made with oodles of love from fabric, felt and studded with swarovski beads and tied with a simple string, these pendants are just divine. Each one unique to its owner and with a very limited amount available on the website they are sure to sell quickly. You can call them what you like, but I have taken a liking this this one in particular and called him Bernie.

If you love him as much as I do, why not head over to the Little Choopie website here and see what else we have in store from KUP KUP land.

I really hope you are loving the gorgeous new brands we are bringing into Little Choopie. For me its a whole new world of excitement bringing them to you and I can't wait to bring you more.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Cooler than Kool

They most certainly are when their mums and dad's shop here for them. Meet our newest stockist located in beautiful Warners Bay, New South Wales. Lyn and Fiona, (owners of Kids R Kool) have been a dream to work with sharing many a lovely email a long the way.

At Kids R Kool you will find fabulous labels such as Princess Ratbag, Fred Bare, Sudo, Tea Princess, Three Little Trees and of course Little Choopie. Lyn recently sent me some images of a style shoot they had for a few of their labels and I was most impressed.

Definitely full of spark, fun and style. Thanks Lyn and Fiona for sharing the images with me.

If you in the area make sure you pop over to Kids R Kool clothing located in The Esplanade, Village Arcade, Warners Bay, NSW, Australia to get your little gems some gorgeous goodies!

Also if your a big fan on facebook like I am, you can follow Kids R Kool here.

Speaking of "cool" if your in Melbourne today, I hope you are rugged up just like I am because it is FREEZING!! Bring on delicious hot summer I say!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

There's something about Ella and Kate

Lucky for us we have just discovered it in all its gorgeousness. Ella and Kate - accessories for little girls has arrived at Little Choopie and we couldn't be more stoked.

Always a fan of the simple bow in any little girls hair, I was extra pleased when I came across Ella and Kate's most delightful Signature bows and Classic bows.

With a definite quality to match there designer beauty I knew the Little Choopie shelves just had to have a few of these for ourselves. I'm just so thankful that Tamara, the gorgeous designer and owner behind Ella and Kate said yes.

Available now at Little Choopie, both classic bows and signature bows in stunning colour combinations are priced at only $11.95. Such a small price to pay for a delightful pair of high quality alligator grossgrain ribbon bow clips.

If you'd like to see more, you can find them over at the Little Choopie website, here.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Detail and Design

Fresh to the Little Choopie store is the amazing works of Israeli artist and designer, Yali Paz Gilboa.

Aimed at an older more sophisticated wearer (but most definitely suitable for our little princesses), Yali's hand crafted pieces are simple yet acutely stunning. The detail in each one of a kind piece is simply beyond belief. I truly wish my photo's did them more justice for up close each piece is a little wonder and true work of art.

At Little Choopie, we will be stocking Yali's hand crafted felt double headed bobby pins and vintage embroided felt rings. If an extreme love of these products was converted into money, I would have imported her whole stock line. It is simply divine.

For now I would love to give you a peak of what you can find in store. Firstly Yali's beautiful double headed flower bobbies.

Each stunning bobby is one of a kind and there are no repeat of colour-ways in store, so you can be sure that your piece is truly unique to you. They are available for immediate purchase here.

The next products were so hard to list, because if truth were to be known, I would love to keep each stunning vintage style felt ring for myself. Hand-crafted on felt from tiny pieces of lace and appliqué and embroided with such attention to detail, Yali has created something so stunning but unlike anything I have seen on the market before.

Each piece is again one of a kind to the Little Choopie store with each piece being as delightful as the next. But as numbers are limited, it would be wise to get your purchases in early to avoid disappointment (and maybe from me wanting to keep them all to myself!).

With gorgeous introductions like Yali Paz Giboa to the Little Choopie website its hard not to be excited where the future is headed for us. Certainly many more new introductions to the store to be told in the coming weeks, making Little Choopie the place for both young and old fashionista's to source their accessory needs.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Inspiring work spaces

I've been checking out Flickr lately. It's become my new night time obsession flicking from one gorgeous photo to the next. I love how you can type in a simple keyword and thousands of beautiful images fill your screen.

This week I have been looking at loads of inspiring work spaces. You see I'm just coming out of a bit of a rut. My tired old craft room was in need of a face lift and for a boost of practicality. Writing this I now wish I had taken some photos of my old space. Things are changing! And Flickr is definitely inspiring that.

Today I would love to show you some of the images that have inspired my new work space and some that I just downright love! And then in the coming days I would love to show you how my new work space is coming together. It's all very exciting for me.

The first image is from Chez Larsson who I think just has the most amazing knack for putting spaces perfectly together. You can follow Chez on blogger too which I have only just discovered! Perhaps my new favourite read. You can find her here

The other space I would love to share with you is simply amazing. Oh how I wish I had the space, the room, the colours! A true blast of vibrant colour that would certainly inspire anyone to crack down and start their work!

You can view the rest of Jenny's amazing work space by following the link here or check out her amazing blog here.

I just realised how long this post was getting (sorry about that!),so many other gorgeous work spaces that have inspired me. Stayed tuned for some inspiration boards I have put together for my new space and some photos of my work in progress.

In the mean time if you have a gorgeous work space you would like to share, why not send me an email or leave a link for me!


Sunday, May 30, 2010

End of the line clearance sale - up to 50% off!

A HUGE up to 50% off Little Choopie end of the line and last one left accessories!!

Make sure you and your little princesses are well accessorised this winter and head over to Little Choopie to grab yourself a bargain.

With prices like these stock won't last for long!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

In my belly..

Grows a little wonder. 22 weeks so far in the making.
Making my belly pop that little bit more each day, there really could be no mistaking.

Gentle flickers and kicks do make Mummy and Daddy smile.
We really can't wait to meet you, but for now keep warm in mummy's belly and stay there awhile.

You have a big brother Lucca, so eager to meet you
and a Nanny, G-Dad, Nonna and Nonno equally pleased to greet you.

Aunties and Uncles, Zio's and Zia's,
So very excited, I really wish you could see them.

But for now my little bean, I will sit here and ponder,
all the days of our future, now and the yonder.
For in a few short months you will be seen,
This little wonder in my belly, its you that I dream.

*We are super excited to announce to the world that our Little Bean will arrive sometime late September. For now stay tuned to the journey we embark on and the wonderful baby related things we find upon the way.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Think Outside Your Square

In the sunny streets of Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia you'll find the most divine boutique of our newest stockists, Billycarts and Ballerinas.

Last week the lovely creative director, Tam, of Billycarts and Ballerinas sent us some beautiful photos of this divine new concept store that I just had to share.

Alongside fabric covered Little Choopie Button necklaces and ponytail holders you will find a diverse but perfect mix of great toys, enchanting hard-covered books, challenging games, brain stimulating puzzles and imaginative dress ups. Like their gorgeous tag line, Billycarts and Ballerinas really is 'thinking outside your square'.

Tam, most certainly has created a gorgeous space at Billycarts and Ballerinas which truly does capture a sense of modern vintage fun. For older shoppers a true sense of nostalgia and for the young and young at heart a place of true creative, unique and quirky fun.

Oh how I could hop on a plane now...

If your in the region, you can find Billycarts and Ballerinas at 23 Bridge Street, Toowoomba, Queensland. Make sure you say hi to Tam for me!!

I have to share..

I came across this link from Belinda at Nest Design Studio the other night whilst at work.

I never did thank her for sharing the link, But if your reading Belinda, Thank you, I am so so glad I followed your link to this blog post at Enjoying the Small things.

This story is now deeply etched in my heart. If you have a good 10 minutes and a box of tissues I so do dearly recommend you read this.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Looks like we really did break the rules...

Sorry guys, I know the awesome $85.00 red and pink prize pack was meant to be drawn yesterday but I have been suffering terribly with a cold and very sore back and so just didn't have the strength to write a whole blog post yesterday. Unfortunately I can't say I am feeling much better this morning but hoping the hot lemon juices with honey will bring me some comfort very soon.

Anyways, enough about sooky old me and on to the exciting stuff. Thank you again to everyone for replying on the blog post, and sending me lovely emails. I really appreciate the time it does take to do each little thing, so thank you. And without further ado, and with a little help from our random number generator.... I would love to announce that the winner of this amazing prize pack is...

Jaime Fing!!!

Jaime if you would like to email me your address to info@littlechoopie.com.au I can send you on this gorgeous red and pink prize pack. I'm sure you and your little princess will love it.

To everyone else thanks so much for playing along, stay tuned for another great giveaway to be announced very soon! And as always thank you for your support towards Little Choopie, it really does warm my heart to have so many wonderful people supporting me.

Always Amanda and Little Choopie xx

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

100 + Blog Followers Giveaway

Well the time has come and thanks for a little help from our facebook friends, we have moved of that 99 mark and onto a century of blog followers. Ooh sounds a bit exciting (well certainly for Little Choopie it is). So we were thinking it's been sometime since we had a giveaway.

And with that said, I want to introduce you to our ..

With a retail value of $85.00 Australian Dollars this is a pink and red giveaway not to be missed.

So what are the rules and conditions you ask? well quite simply there aren't any, but if you do plan on winning this red and pink giveaway you must be a follower of the Little Choopie Blog to leave a comment. Otherwise how will I know to contact you :) well unless you send me an email that is to info@littlechoopie.com.au

So what will you leave a comment about? Anything you like (but remember this is a moderated blog so only super sweet comments will get through ;)

And when will this breaking all the rules giveaway be drawn? Hmm lets say next Wednesday the 21st of April.

Any more questions? shoot me an email at info@littlechoopie.com.au

oh and good luck!

Little Choopie xx

Thursday, April 8, 2010

$5.00 SALE

Who could resist, a clearance sale where nothing is over $5.00!!

Little Choopie is making a slight change in direction, and for the moment, this means putting away the needle and thread and clearing out our pre-loved and handmade clothing sections. This means sale time is now on at Little Choopie.

Each piece in our sale section has been handcrafted with much love and attention by us. And you can pick each piece up for $5.00 Australian dollars only!! Too good to miss really.

And if its boys preloved your after, we can help you out too. Our Little guy has a bundle of clothes he no longer fits in to and we would love to give them a new home. With prices as low as $3.50 for boys shorts and nothing over $5.00 Australian dollars you would be making some huge savings on your little guys wardrobe.

Many more pre-loved and handcrafted products in store and all for $5.00 or under!! You can't go wrong really. Sale on only whilst stock lasts now at Little Choopie.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Are you signed up?

The April Little Choopie Newsletter is due out this week... Are you on our mailing list to find out about the latest Little Choopie News and specials?

Make sure you head on over to www.littlechoopie.com.au and find our newsletter sign up box and enter in your email details. You could find your self winning one of our monthly give away Little Choopie vouchers and all newsletter subscribers will score themselves a VIP discount code.

So if any of that sounds like something you might be interested in head over and sign up. Its too easy!

PS. We are getting super close to 100 blog followers!!! I am thinking a 100 follower giveaway is in order!! Will be back when we hit the magic 100 with a special somthing to giveaway xx

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hopping mad this Easter

Are you hopping mad from all the chocolate this Easter? Here at Little Choopie we are. On top of our FREE POST promotion, we are giving away Hopping Mad ponytail holders with EVERY order placed this week.

Available in pink or Blue we think you might be Hopping Mad if you miss this special.

Come visit us at www.littlechoopie.com.au


For all our Australia orders we are now offering free postage on orders over $30.00 AUD. Just use the code FREEPOST at the Little Choopie checkout and we will ship your order free of charge. Easy.

Can't get much better than that?!?! Well unless of course we pop in a special Little Choopie accessory surprise for all orders placed with Little Choopie. Now I bet you can't find better than that.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Its been an exciting month with Little Choopie spotted in some amazing places. If you have a moment or too I would love to share our excitement of where we have been spotted this month.

Starting of the month with HUGE excitement was an editorial on our Monday to Friday clips in this months MY CHILD magazine. Such a huge thrill to be apart of such an amazing parent and child magazine.

I was also ecstatic to see we were mentioned not only once but twice over at the Mama Loves to Shop blog. Our Cupcake Cuties- 5 hair ties are the top left image.

You can read both inspiration pieces here and here.

Much to our excitement we were also given an editorial feature on our Metallic Love Heart snap clips and our first ever print advert was put out for the whole of Brisbane and surround to see.

If you want to see our advert or read a fabulous parenting and child magazine you can view it online here.

And lastly this week I was thrilled to see one of our fantastic stockists Design Child featured in Babyology's Down the Rabbit Hole piece with our Alice in Wonderland hair ties. You can purchase these over at Design Child for $8.25 in one of our gift favour tins.

That's it for now but if you have seen Little Choopie about or would love to send us a photo of your little one in Little Choopie gear please drop us a line because we would love to hear from you.