Monday, May 31, 2010

Inspiring work spaces

I've been checking out Flickr lately. It's become my new night time obsession flicking from one gorgeous photo to the next. I love how you can type in a simple keyword and thousands of beautiful images fill your screen.

This week I have been looking at loads of inspiring work spaces. You see I'm just coming out of a bit of a rut. My tired old craft room was in need of a face lift and for a boost of practicality. Writing this I now wish I had taken some photos of my old space. Things are changing! And Flickr is definitely inspiring that.

Today I would love to show you some of the images that have inspired my new work space and some that I just downright love! And then in the coming days I would love to show you how my new work space is coming together. It's all very exciting for me.

The first image is from Chez Larsson who I think just has the most amazing knack for putting spaces perfectly together. You can follow Chez on blogger too which I have only just discovered! Perhaps my new favourite read. You can find her here

The other space I would love to share with you is simply amazing. Oh how I wish I had the space, the room, the colours! A true blast of vibrant colour that would certainly inspire anyone to crack down and start their work!

You can view the rest of Jenny's amazing work space by following the link here or check out her amazing blog here.

I just realised how long this post was getting (sorry about that!),so many other gorgeous work spaces that have inspired me. Stayed tuned for some inspiration boards I have put together for my new space and some photos of my work in progress.

In the mean time if you have a gorgeous work space you would like to share, why not send me an email or leave a link for me!


Sunday, May 30, 2010

End of the line clearance sale - up to 50% off!

A HUGE up to 50% off Little Choopie end of the line and last one left accessories!!

Make sure you and your little princesses are well accessorised this winter and head over to Little Choopie to grab yourself a bargain.

With prices like these stock won't last for long!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

In my belly..

Grows a little wonder. 22 weeks so far in the making.
Making my belly pop that little bit more each day, there really could be no mistaking.

Gentle flickers and kicks do make Mummy and Daddy smile.
We really can't wait to meet you, but for now keep warm in mummy's belly and stay there awhile.

You have a big brother Lucca, so eager to meet you
and a Nanny, G-Dad, Nonna and Nonno equally pleased to greet you.

Aunties and Uncles, Zio's and Zia's,
So very excited, I really wish you could see them.

But for now my little bean, I will sit here and ponder,
all the days of our future, now and the yonder.
For in a few short months you will be seen,
This little wonder in my belly, its you that I dream.

*We are super excited to announce to the world that our Little Bean will arrive sometime late September. For now stay tuned to the journey we embark on and the wonderful baby related things we find upon the way.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Think Outside Your Square

In the sunny streets of Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia you'll find the most divine boutique of our newest stockists, Billycarts and Ballerinas.

Last week the lovely creative director, Tam, of Billycarts and Ballerinas sent us some beautiful photos of this divine new concept store that I just had to share.

Alongside fabric covered Little Choopie Button necklaces and ponytail holders you will find a diverse but perfect mix of great toys, enchanting hard-covered books, challenging games, brain stimulating puzzles and imaginative dress ups. Like their gorgeous tag line, Billycarts and Ballerinas really is 'thinking outside your square'.

Tam, most certainly has created a gorgeous space at Billycarts and Ballerinas which truly does capture a sense of modern vintage fun. For older shoppers a true sense of nostalgia and for the young and young at heart a place of true creative, unique and quirky fun.

Oh how I could hop on a plane now...

If your in the region, you can find Billycarts and Ballerinas at 23 Bridge Street, Toowoomba, Queensland. Make sure you say hi to Tam for me!!

I have to share..

I came across this link from Belinda at Nest Design Studio the other night whilst at work.

I never did thank her for sharing the link, But if your reading Belinda, Thank you, I am so so glad I followed your link to this blog post at Enjoying the Small things.

This story is now deeply etched in my heart. If you have a good 10 minutes and a box of tissues I so do dearly recommend you read this.