Friday, May 28, 2010

In my belly..

Grows a little wonder. 22 weeks so far in the making.
Making my belly pop that little bit more each day, there really could be no mistaking.

Gentle flickers and kicks do make Mummy and Daddy smile.
We really can't wait to meet you, but for now keep warm in mummy's belly and stay there awhile.

You have a big brother Lucca, so eager to meet you
and a Nanny, G-Dad, Nonna and Nonno equally pleased to greet you.

Aunties and Uncles, Zio's and Zia's,
So very excited, I really wish you could see them.

But for now my little bean, I will sit here and ponder,
all the days of our future, now and the yonder.
For in a few short months you will be seen,
This little wonder in my belly, its you that I dream.

*We are super excited to announce to the world that our Little Bean will arrive sometime late September. For now stay tuned to the journey we embark on and the wonderful baby related things we find upon the way.


  1. Hi Amanda!
    My little Alice will be arrive on july and I'm very exitited too...
    I'm a pre-mom, an italian pre-mom, my name is Cristiana and I'm from Milan. I usually read your blog (it'so cool!). Best wishes my dear!

  2. Congrats again Amanda. It is so exciting isnt it. So does Lucca think you are having a boy or a girl and has he come up with any baby names yet? Violet tells the baby off when it kicks me because the kicks are getting so hard now that i am 32 weeks. I am super excited for this surprise to arrive.

  3. Lots of love to you Amanda. What a gorgeous babe you have there. I don't know how you're able to keep gender a secret but I give you MASSIVE snaps. Hope the back's holding up ok. xoxoxo

  4. Thanks ladies. It means so much to have you read along and enjoy the journey with me.

    Christiana: Wow a mom all the way from Milan. That is amazing. Thank you so much for reading my little blog. So soon till your little principessa Alice arrives. I'm so excited for you. You must let us know when she arrives into the world. x

    Regan: How cute is Violet!! The baby will certainly know who is boss, I can just imagine her telling of your little bean with every kick. Wow I can't believe 32 weeks already! where did the time go. Our little munchin actually knows the sex of the baby, as do we but we are keeping it a secret. He likes to call the baby the "doctor" haha bit worrying really but kind of cute all the same. x

    Cat: How gorgeous are you Cat! The ultrasound pic is kind of alien like, the foot one was very cute but thought it may have been a bit strange posting a pic of a foot. I can't believe we are doing such a good job of keeping it a secret. Its been a lot more easier than I thought. Back is doing much better, now if I could just get over this chest infection. But truly as bad as I have felt during the pregnancy, I still love love being a pregnant mama. Hope you and the bebito are doing well Cat xx

  5. Congrats on your little bub. I am 34weeks pregnant and loving every second of it... makes you not take anything for granted when your last bub came at 27weeks gestation!
    Best of luck with your pregnancy.
    Take care