Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In a girl's world

Just recently Little Choopie had a photo shoot with my very talented and gorgeous friend, Michelle of Mishkyah Photography.

With a lack of girls in this household (besides - Mumma Choopie, that's me!) its often hard to capture the beauty of our accessories as they are made. As much as my Little Choopie loves to pick up a new creation and say "Lucca wear pretty" it doesn't really cut it when trying to photograph the sweetness of our new clips. So when my lovely friend Michelle started posting some amazing photos of her little girl, I knew I had to ask if she would like to do a mini Little Choopie photo shoot. In the process of starting up her own photography business she more than came to the party. And brought two stunning Little Choopie models along with her.

Michelle has effortlessly captured the detail of each new product on these delightful little girls, and as each new photo lands in my email, I fall more in love with it than the one previous. And whilst I wont bombard you with a gazillion new Little Choopie photos, I will leave you with this beautiful photo of two little girls (wearing Little Choopie of course) and swallowing up all life has to offer.

If you would like to see more of the Little Choopie photo shoot or become a 'liker' of Michelle's new business, Mishkyah Photography you can visit her over here on facebook.

And you can always stayed tuned to the Little Choopie website where many of and new and old accessories have been photographed with these princesses wearing them ;)

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