Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The whimsy and wonder of KUP KUP

I can not begin to tell you how excited we are to have KUP KUP Land, the amazing works of Joaquima Casas Bo arrive at Little Choopie. From the moment I first laid eyes on Joaquima's work I knew it was the "something" I needed at Little Choopie.

The details and fun of Joaquima's "art" takes you on a journey to another place. Each piece has been meticulously crafted by hand and the love taken in the packaging.. well that's just another story altogether. Truly if packaging were an Olympic sport the gorgeous accessories packed at KUP KUP would win hands down.

In a world where everyone is searching for the wow factor, I think I found it. Delightful hand crafted felt and beautiful delicate paper brooches won't rain on your parade but really take any outfit or bag to that next level with a true uniqueness.

The attention to detail of Joaquima's pin-back buttons really has me smiling every time I pick one up. They really do transport you to a place that's quirky and fun and whimsical. Each one a one of a kind and as special as the first. Created from felt and beads these are a grown up princess's must.

I have purposefully saved my favourite piece to last (do you do that or is it just crazy old me wanting to savour the good things at the end?). Kup Kup's owl pendants have my heart jumping for joy. Made with oodles of love from fabric, felt and studded with swarovski beads and tied with a simple string, these pendants are just divine. Each one unique to its owner and with a very limited amount available on the website they are sure to sell quickly. You can call them what you like, but I have taken a liking this this one in particular and called him Bernie.

If you love him as much as I do, why not head over to the Little Choopie website here and see what else we have in store from KUP KUP land.

I really hope you are loving the gorgeous new brands we are bringing into Little Choopie. For me its a whole new world of excitement bringing them to you and I can't wait to bring you more.


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