Friday, June 18, 2010

The Detail and Design

Fresh to the Little Choopie store is the amazing works of Israeli artist and designer, Yali Paz Gilboa.

Aimed at an older more sophisticated wearer (but most definitely suitable for our little princesses), Yali's hand crafted pieces are simple yet acutely stunning. The detail in each one of a kind piece is simply beyond belief. I truly wish my photo's did them more justice for up close each piece is a little wonder and true work of art.

At Little Choopie, we will be stocking Yali's hand crafted felt double headed bobby pins and vintage embroided felt rings. If an extreme love of these products was converted into money, I would have imported her whole stock line. It is simply divine.

For now I would love to give you a peak of what you can find in store. Firstly Yali's beautiful double headed flower bobbies.

Each stunning bobby is one of a kind and there are no repeat of colour-ways in store, so you can be sure that your piece is truly unique to you. They are available for immediate purchase here.

The next products were so hard to list, because if truth were to be known, I would love to keep each stunning vintage style felt ring for myself. Hand-crafted on felt from tiny pieces of lace and appliqué and embroided with such attention to detail, Yali has created something so stunning but unlike anything I have seen on the market before.

Each piece is again one of a kind to the Little Choopie store with each piece being as delightful as the next. But as numbers are limited, it would be wise to get your purchases in early to avoid disappointment (and maybe from me wanting to keep them all to myself!).

With gorgeous introductions like Yali Paz Giboa to the Little Choopie website its hard not to be excited where the future is headed for us. Certainly many more new introductions to the store to be told in the coming weeks, making Little Choopie the place for both young and old fashionista's to source their accessory needs.

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