Monday, September 7, 2009

Fun and Fizz with Soda Pop Kids

Here at Little Choopie we are very proud of our stockists and wanted to give you a little insight into how these wonderful people think with our Little Choopie fun quiz. Do go and check out there stores, they all have an amazing array of goodies in store, including some of your favourite Little Choopie products.

First cab of the rank, is the gorgeously stunning Andrea from Soda Pop Kids. Here are her answers to our quiz:

1. I love a story behind how business came up with their names, how did you come up with yours?

Well, I think a store name needs to be something fun and catchy, a name that will stand out from the crowd ... and to cut a long story short (yes, it's a very long story!), we were discussing what I could call the site and throwing names around. I said that I wanted something fun, something poppy, something fizzy ... hence Soda Pop Kids!

2. Running a business can be a stressful time, what do you love doing to unwind?

I love to read! I don't get much of a chance, but when I start a novel I just zone out. I also love taking photos, and hope to get back into that again soon.

3. What are your three favourite products in your store at the moment?

Ohh, tough question! I love the Little Lark tees. Christy has produced an amazing range this Summer, lots of organic and lots of colour. I am also in love with the gorgeous Princess Ratbag Pettiskirts, and the DINGaLING range is pretty amazing!

4. I love buying childrens book for my Little Choopie can you tell us your favourite childrens book?

We love 'Mr Pepper's Perfect Pet Shop' at the moment... who wouldn't love a baby zebracorn as a pet! Too cute!

5. If you could pack up and go on a holiday tommorow, where would you go and who would you take?

I would take my partner Dan, and go to a resort: relax on a beach, nice food, warm weather ... too tempting!

6. What are your children's fashion must haves for this summer?

For Connor, the Tommy Rocket shorts and tees are perfect, and I have just ordered Imogen some Oobi pieces from Terri at Little Styles: just gorgeous!

7. Lying on a hot beach with great book or snuggled under the covers reading a great book?

Probably snuggled under the covers with a great book

and finally

8. If you were to spend your last $20.00 at Little Choopie, what would you buy?

Those gorgeous little Ribbit Ribbit ponytail holders and the flower head wraps! Bright, colourful and fun!

To go and see what goodies Andrea has in store at Soda Pop Kids click here.

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