Friday, January 29, 2010

Nothing but GORGEOUS for the launch of Style Me Gorgeous

If your anything like me, you have probably been anticipating the launch of Style Me Gorgeous for some time now. Finally you can take all it gorgeousness in and view it here.

You know nothing but the word "gorgeous" would encapsulate the feel of the website better. Well maybe perhaps stunningly gorgeous. But I think you would have to agree it is simply beautiful.

Exciting to know is that Sarah (the designer and proprietor of Style Me Gorgeous) has extended her graphic design skill set to creating the most gorgeous custom canvases for children. Simply gorgeous, I think the hardest problem will be choosing which one would suit your little love best.

I think my favorite would be the 'Funky Robot' collection. Which you can view by clicking on the above image. I love its modern take on this cool vintage conception.

So for the most exciting part of the Style Me Gorgeous launch, there is a 10% discount on these gorgeous canvases when you purchase 2 or more. Just hope over there to take advantage of this great promotion.

Oh just one more thing, that I know I am so so excited to see happen at Style Me Gorgeous, their will be a boutique stationary range coming very soon!! I can't wait. Make sure you sign up to the Style Me Gorgeous newsletter to get the details of when this happens.

Well I'm back off to Style Me Gorgeous to choose which gorgeous design service I need for my Little Choopie website next...


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