Monday, March 8, 2010

Its all in the Details..

The girls over at Details Details sure know how to throw a stunning party. I was thrilled to read their blog post last week about their darling little Zoe's first birthday.

Inspired by the Alannah Rose little Lala bird invitation available at Details Details, these superbly talented girls set about creating the most gorgeously detailed party I have ever laid eyes on. You can read all about Zoe's first Birthday Party on their blog HIP HORAY along with the gorgeous style file notes but I thought I would share some gorgeous photos from their blog of Zoes day.

Super excited to note also that the sweetest little bird Zoe was wearing one of our Little Choopie whimisical bird onesies!! You can find them in our SALE section on the Little Choopie website.

Thanks for sharing such a gorgeous event on your Blog Siobhan and Vanessa. You girls most definitely have a gorgeous knack for throwing stylish events, of course with the most perfect details.


  1. OMG that is AMAZING event to throw for such a teensie tiny gorgeous little one!!

    Loving all the new stuff in your store Amanda, and wishing you all the best... here at Festoon we are taking a little break to re-prioritise and re-focus, and hope to do a bit of a relaunch in July (check out my blog for info!) so ta ta for now x x x

  2. This is absolutely beautiful - I wish I could create all this!