Friday, February 5, 2010

New Stockist: Lily's Closet

It has been a super busy month with new stockists coming on board. I really couldn't be any happier with the amazing stockists we have for Little Choopie.

Another one of these fabulous stockists to come on board is Lily's Closet. Lily's Closet is located in Camden, New South Wales. They stock a great assortment of brands including but not limited to Oobi, Levi's, Eternal Creation, Babyjo Bamboo, Pure Baby, Noo, and now Little Choopie accessories.

Adorning the shelves at Lily's Closet is an assortment of snap clips, button ponytail holders, felt flower head wraps and button necklaces all from Little Choopie.

If you live the area or are visiting make sure you drop in and say hello and pick up some fabulous labels for your little one.

If you want more details on Lily's Closet you can sign up to their fanpage on facebook here

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