Sunday, December 13, 2009


To my gorgeous friends over at Sticky Tiki!! A few weeks before I headed to Sydney for Magnolia Square I asked the lovely Kim from Sticky Tiki if there was any way at all possible that she could do a Little Choopie bird wall decal for me. Well she did and I think it looked just amazing sitting on my wall at Magnolia Square.

I am only sorry that we didn't get any close up's of this gorgeous little fellow. I will definitely have to take a few of this gorgeous guy in his new home, my studio.. hmm better make sure I clean it first then..

If you have a love of gorgeous wall decals make sure you go and check out Sticky Tiki. They have got everything covered from the most gorgeous children's wall decals to divine grown up wall decals. My favourite are the Whimsical Giraffes (as seen above). And Tia and the Forest Keepers oh and the dotty spotty elephants. Hmm well I have a few (they are so gorgeous you see!)